The Truth to Power Hour, Vol. 2 – Gay Stuff


Welcome back y’all for the next installment.  This time we’re… you know what just press play.  This edition is not “of the moment.”  There are no references here to Lemonade or the one and only PRINCE, may he rest.  But what you’re about to hear are real, raw thoughts on the world we’re all sharing, and it might just be news you can use today.  Take this opportunity to get better acquainted with your hosts, Korin Mills, and Tavi Fields, as we plot this journey one recording at a time.

The Truth is brave, so we are again pulling no punches, and we invite you, listener, to please comment or question anything that so moves you.  We heartily invite the continuation of any dialogue we’re starting.  That is, in fact, the raison d’etre of this whole joint.  In other words: The Truth to Power Hour wants YOU!  Are you there, Public? It’s us, Podcasters. Who you gonna call?  You’re not only the Listener, you’re the Podcast President.  Etc., etc.



The Truth to Power Hour, Vol. 1 – The Birth of a Podcast

PLEASE watch that, and then listen to this:

Welcome y’all.  THIS is The Truth to Power Hour.

It is a podcast featuring timely discussion of relevant cultural topics–relevant to me, Korin Mills, and my co-host Tavi Fields.  We are two truth telling, New York women who have been making our friends and each other laugh and think hard for many years. In the wake of Nate Parker’s latest feat of strength (see above) it is high time we put this show on the internet. Our podcast is more like a quarter of an hour, but that’s just between you and us.

I quite literally quit my job over the inspiration I found in Mr. Parker’s story–his 7-year labor of love yielding the grand jury prize winner at this year’s Sundance Fim Festival. The Birth of a Nation is also the biggest acquisition deal in the history of Sundance.  That a slave rebellion story, told by a slave’s descendant, could command that kind of paper from the hollywood studio system?  That is just one of truth’s powers.  And we cannot wait for October to see a few more.

Please, take a listen to what we’re talking ’bout, and let us know your own thoughts.  We invite you, listener, to join our discussion and help keep it going.  The truths we all need to hear are not just mine and Tavi’s to tell.   So please, comment, tweet, call us, invite us to dinner, however it works.  We gon’ keep talking, to be the change we want to see in the world.  So, le’go.

Truth: I can’t even hardly watch that trailer a second time, for I will weep, loud and long. Because my parents were slaves. My name is Peaches.

But the podcast goes down nice and smooth (shout out to our editor Sam Bathrick).  Note, we recorded this thing back in early February, so the political references are that old.  Took a minute to get our workflow down, but now we here! And we intend to be back with a new joint every other Monday, so please re-visit us.  Thank you for listening!